Realizujemy proekologiczną filozofię miejsca w cudownej przestrzeni. Hasło Willi to: Człowiek blisko natury.
  • Welcome to Willa Strzelnica in Koscierzyna.

    Unique in its small size and big in its services, the Willa  is nested in a beautiful Kashubian forest, about 1 km from the centre of the charming Koscierzyna town.


    Our Willa is located in a historical building of an old strzelnica ( a range), which existed during the latter part of the 19th century and 40 years into the 20th century, where many rangers clubs found their housing.


    Here people from Koscierzyna and the nearby vicinity came to take a part in gun shooting competitions, or to challenge their skills in archery. Bractwo Kurkowe, a shooting gallery fraternity, was particularly popular for their game of shooting rooster target. Rooster in old Polish language was called “kur” and from it came a name of Bractwo kurkowe.